History of Home staging and its misconception


It all began with Barb Schwarz in 1972, when she made the decision to enter residential real estate after leaving the interior design business. Initially, she faced some challenges in preparing homes for sale, and making suggestions to change the furnishings to the owner without offending was a hard nut to crack.  Soon she realizes […]

Reasons To Hire A Professional Stager


In a sellers’ market, a homeowner can prepare their house for an open house with the barest of preparations. But they would be leaving a huge sum of money on the table. However, if the owner has a professional stager, they can save a tonne of money and even make more money when they sell […]

How to Make Your Home Stand Out During a Virtual House Tour


The real estate industry has been shifting to a digital landscape over the years, but no one expected the digital revolution to happen so quickly. In 2020, 63% of homebuyers across the US housing market made an offer on a house sight-unseen, thanks to virtual house tours. Even though it’s a seller’s market, it’s just as important to make […]

What to Avoid When Staging Your Home?


Consider home staging right away if you want to sell your house quickly and for the highest price. Professional staging can increase the buyer attractiveness of your house and speed up the selling process. There are some mistakes you should steer clear of when staging your house. These are the four most typical errors people […]

Staging Outdoor Spaces To Sell Your House


You’ve undoubtedly spent countless hours organizing your house, eliminating personal belongings, and crossing items off your realtor’s staging checklist. But have you neglected your outdoor areas? Knowledgeable buyers demand more than an untamed perennial garden, so consider upgrading yours. The grass is green now that spring has struck. It’s time to get the patios and […]

Power Of Home Staging: Why Should You Make Your Home Look Amazing


If you’re looking to list your property for sale and have some time on your hands, then home staging can help you get a better value for your property. Home staging can help you boost the appeal of your home and help you get a better value for your property. Through home staging, you can effectively reduce the number of […]