Creative Redesign

A. Dural Staging & Design Co. is a Premier Staging Company located in Dallas-Ft. Worth TX.
We are dedicated to minimizing a property’s time on the market while maximizing equity!

Any home can benefit from the improvements of a professional interior redesign. Discover the limitless potential in your current furniture and accessories—completely redefine your space to achieve optimal functionality and visual impact!

Rearrange, reuse, and repurpose the existing items around the house to give an interior space a new look you may have never imagined possible before. Highlight favorite pieces, bring rooms together, and make your interior dreams a reality. We utilize expert design techniques and industry knowledge to emphasize the best features of every home. Whether you’re looking for a trendy style, must-have design, or simply craving an updated aesthetic—we’ll strategize and formulate a tailored plan to provide a visually captivating interior that accommodates your space’s functional needs.

Our goal is to create a beautiful, functional, and inspiring environment that fits your lifestyle. We’ll spend discussing your project goals, assessing the interior, looking into styles, exploring color analysis, themes, reviewing inspirational photos, and addressing areas of opportunity. From here, we can develop a custom design plan. On the day of your interior redesign, we’ll begin rearranging furniture, artwork, and accessories to execute a transformation that exceeds expectations. We have established vendors and can happily assist with any new furnishing additions needed to complete your desired look!

Uncovering the hidden beauty in any space is our craft; analyzing the interior compositions while combing personal style preferences to achieve the desired look is our passion.