If you’re looking to list your property for sale and have some time on your hands, then home staging can help you get a better value for your property. Home staging can help you boost the appeal of your home and help you get a better value for your property.

Through home staging, you can effectively reduce the number of days on the market for your listed property and can get it to sell much quicker and at a much better rate. Home staging can also give you a competitive marketing edge over all the other sellers.

In this article, we are going to talk about the power of home staging and the ways through which home staing benefits sellers.

1.  Home staging helps homes sell faster

Home staging can help you increase the appeal of your home and price it at a higher value. Most people would prefer to pay a premium than get the house renovated by themselves, and this is where you can end up generating a higher amount of profit.

Most people use the internet to search for homes, and having good pictures up on the internet that helps boost the aesthetic appeal of your home can help you get more calls and more site visitations than average.

Open houses that you can tour virtually stand out from the competition. You can use home staging to highlight your home’s best features and also cover its imperfections.

Most realtors claim that staged homes end up selling much faster, and staged homes contribute a lot towards bringing up the perceived value of a home. Almost 85% of buyers say that staged homes make it easier for them to visualize living in them.

Many professional home staging service providers can help you stage your home effectively and make it look more appealing. These professionals are also well aware of the market demands and can help you stage your home in such a way that it appeals to most people. Surveys have shown that staged homes spend 73% less time on the market than non-staged homes.

2.  Home staging brings up the perceived value of the home

Home staging makes the house look more appealing and automatically makes it much more likable than other homes. Many people employ the help of home staging experts before trying to sell off their home simply because they want to derive more value for their investment.

If your home is staged correctly, it can attract more buyers and can also go for a higher price compared to if you try selling your home for a lower price. Research has shown that a staged home will sell for at least 10% more than its actual value.

10% may not seem like a significant percentage, but for homes priced high, it generally translates into quite a prominent figure. And all you need to do is invest a small amount into staging your home correctly.

3.  Home staging pulls people in for longer

Standard house visits take around five minutes, but homes that are appropriately staged manage to attract people for a much longer duration because the people are naturally more curious and are generally more excited to see the entire home and take in all the details.

The extended time is excellent news for sellers because it allows them more time to be able to hook the buyer and to carry out a successful transaction.

Home staging increases the buyers’ appeal for your home, and you can end up getting more buyers. The longer a buyer stays inside the house, the more he is interested in making the purchase.

4.  Realtors claim that buyers are impacted by home staging

While to you, it might not seem like a big deal, but realtors have also come up with their research and have claimed that most buyers are very positively impacted by home staging.

Realtors deal with properties regularly, and they always take buyers around with them to show them properties up for rent and sale. Their direct experience in the industry lets us know that putting in a little investment in our homes can end up in increasing their value.

5.  Staged homes get picked up twice as fast

Research has shown that homes that are staged sell much more easily and also much more quickly. Most sellers are aware of the fact that the longer a house stays on the market, its value continually starts to fall.

Staged homes are ideal as they not only protect the value of your home from falling, instead they help you bring up the value of your home and can end up getting you a higher amount of profit. Staged homes have a high likelihood of selling quickly and also selling for a good value, which makes them a natural choice for most people looking to sell their homes.

For people looking to sell their homes without having to drop the price too much, staged homes are a great alternative. Getting your home staged can help you gain more profits and can also help you get more customers, which can end up putting you in a higher bargaining position.


6.  Surveys have shown that staged homes sell for 6% above the asking price

If you want an approximate estimate about how much your staged home will sell for, then Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp has an answer for you. Their research has shown that homes that have previously been staged for the buyers sell at approximately 6% more than the asking price.

For sellers looking to make an easy profit, this is a perfect opportunity for them. Staged homes that have been professionally designed to cater to the needs of the average buyer can end up selling for a lot more and can help you gain a lot more profit.

If you have a home that is worth $1,000,000, then there is a high likelihood that your home will end up selling for 1,060,000 dollars. So for a home that lists for a million dollars on the market, you can end up selling the house for a $60,000 profit.

Naturally, home staging requires quite a lot of investment, and for most people, it sounds like a huge risk to take in case their home doesn’t sell and ends up selling for a lot less than the market value. Home staging can necessarily not be a risk if you get it done by professionals. Professionals can help you identify the areas which you can improve and can also help give you home staging tips, that you can make use of so that your home looks much better.

Experts can also help you in sticking to the budget and can also help you make changes to your home that are the most impactful and are also guaranteed to get you a better value for your property.

Most people try to do their home staging by themselves and, as a result, aren’t able to achieve the desired impact if they had gotten it done by a professional. Most professionals know the ins and outs of the industry. They have a perfect built-in aesthetic sense that helps them in alleviating the mood of a room and space and, as a consequence bringing it up on the desirability scale.

Research has shown that the most important room to stage is the living room. So if you are still reluctant about hiring a home stager, then you can just get your living room staged because that is the room where your buyers will be most, and it is also the room where your buyers will sit and try to negotiate a deal.


Before hiring a home stager, you need to run cross-checks and verify if the stager is as good at the job as he claims. You can ask your friends and families for reviews regarding the home stagers and can also search online for reviews to know exactly what people are saying about that particular home stager.

Most home stager companies also have a portfolio up that you can look at and make your decisions. You can check the portfolio that your stager has up and ask the specific taste and style your home stager has. Reviewing the collection will let you know the particular style and scope of your home stager, and it will also give an idea of the kind of work the home stager specializes in.

Effectively harnessing the power of home staging can end up getting you more value for your investment, and it can also help you sell your home much more quickly. There are hardly any realtors from around the world that would claim that home staging has little to no impact on sales. Home staging can not only transform your home; it can also help you get a better sales figure.

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