Realtor Continuing Education Credits

A. Dural Staging & Design offers continuing education credit hours for realtors in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas! We have three different realtor CE credit options available: Home Staging by the Book, Luxury Property Listings, and Preparing Homes to Sell Quickly.

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She continues her ongoing education for Property Staging as a member of Home Staging & Redesign Association (HSRA). Her expertise of the past 25 years includes Property Staging, Interior Decorating, Redesign, Event Design, and Floral Design. Agnes founded A. Dural Staging & Design on Faith based principles and a Spirit of Excellence is exemplified as a lifestyle!

Home Staging by the Book (2 Credits)

Learn the best practices and fundamental principles to Staging properties and how to communicate the value of professional Home Staging to your sellers. Become a subject matter expert so you can confidently convey the top reasons any home seller must prepare their home for top dollar. Most buyers will shop online first, so proper presentation is key. This course teaches focuses on property preparation before Staging, Home Staging tips room by room, and the art of sharing success stories and results.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: Understand and Identify the Need for Home Staging Avoid Common Mistakes When Hiring A Home Stager Understand the Impact of Location, Price, Marketing, And Presentation for A Successful Home Sale Communicate the Value of Home Staging

Real Estate Continuing Education (Texas)


Listing Your Luxury Properties (2 Credits)

Luxury homes must be strategically positioned to bring top offers in any market. Gain insights on working with luxury buyers and sellers so you better understand their needs, wants, and desires. Learn the keys to showcase, present, and market these high-end lifestyle properties to attract savvy buyers.
y the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Gain a better understanding of the Luxury Market

Attract luxury buyers to sell their properties

Convey the uniqueness and value of luxury properties

Be better prepared for a luxury sale

Real Estate Continuing Education (Texas)

Preparing Homes to Sell Quickly (1 Credit)

There is an art and science to preparing homes to sell quickly for top dollar In the real estate market. Gain insights from industry experts on areas to update to bring buyers the most value to help ensure top offers. Learn key tips and marketing techniques to position homes above the competition.
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Implement a selling strategy that differentiates

Overcome selling & staging objectives

Understanding the different strategies for staging both occupied and vacant homes

Implement staging tips to sell faster at a higher price with less stress

Real Estate Continuing Education (Texas)


We’re here to help you stay active, keep up to date on industry trends, and increase real estate sales, while obtaining the required CE hours needed in a fun and professional environment.