Home Staging Services

Our leading staging company is dedicated to minimizing a property’s time on the market while maximizing equity and increasing visibility.
We provide premier home staging, creative redesign, Short Term Rental Stylist, and property consultations.

Being one of the top-notch staging companies, we have the potential to attract buyers and make your house become their sweet HOME at a high value.

Take advantage of our services to improve the value of your home and decrease the days on market.


Home Staging Consultation

Are you staging a home for a quick sale but don’t know where to start? A. Dural Staging & Designs offers professional consultation to guide you throughout the process to improve your home needs and boost your property worth.

Vacant Staging

Transform an unoccupied house into a home that attracts buyers’ attention and leaves a desirable first impression. With our cost-effective home staging in Dallas, you can get professionals by your side to highlight the best home features to sell your home in real-time.

Occupied Staging

Display your home’s assets while maintaining a comfortable living environment until the final sale. We inspect the house, depersonalize, declutter, and redesign the key areas using your furniture, art, and accessories to place your property in the best selling position.

Creative Redesign

Our home staging and design services discover the limitless potential in your current furniture and accessories to completely redefine your space to achieve optimal functionality and visual impact!

Realtor Continuing Education Credits

We offer three different realtor CE credit options: Home Staging by the Book, Property Listings, & Preparing Homes to Sell Quickly.

Short Term Rental Stylist

We redesign short-term rentals, ie, Airbnb which connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodations in specific locales.