5 Reasons to Stage Your Vacant Home

May 03, 2024

In the highly competitive Fort Worth or Dallas real estate market, making your property stand out is crucial if you want to maximize your return on investment. As a home stager specializing in staging vacant homes in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas, I can attest to how important it is to stage your vacant home. Whether you’re a homeowner, realtor, or investor, home staging is an effective strategy to get your property sold quickly and for top dollar.

So, what is home staging? Well, home staging is the process of preparing a home for sale to make it more attractive to potential buyers.  And it’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about strategically adding perceived value to the key selling areas of a home so that prospective buyers are willing to make an offer either at or above the list price. If you’re a homeowner in Fort Worth or Dallas, you should consider home staging as it is the most powerful marketing tool available to help your property stand out and sell quickly.

Let’s explore the top five reasons you should consider staging your Fort Worth or Dallas vacant home:

Home Staging Makes Your Home More Marketable

Home staging is all about presenting your property in the best possible light. As an experienced home stager, I help my clients add tangible value and appeal by recommending specific updates and staging the property with carefully curated furnishings. This emphasizes the home’s selling features and downplays any potential issues. When you stage your vacant home, you help it stand out from other homes for sale in your area and generate offers that reflect its value and appeal.

Unstaged vacant kitchen

This empty kitchen lacked appeal and generated little interest from home buyers.


And it’s not just me who knows that home staging makes your home more marketable. According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), home staging can help a seller sell their property up to 73% faster than unstaged homes. This is an incredibly valuable advantage in Fort Worth’s competitive real estate market.

Home Staging Decreases Your Time on the Market

The impact of staging a vacant home on selling time is significant. We recently staged a property that had been on the market for over four months with little interest and no offers. Within two weeks of staging, the home received a full-price offer, and our clients were thrilled. This is just one of many success stories that I’ve witnessed after staging hundreds of homes in the Fort Worth and Dallas areas.

According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), the shortened time frame for selling a home is not a coincidence but a direct consequence of effective staging.

Why is home staging so effective? It transforms empty spaces that would otherwise turn a buyer off into warm, inviting rooms that people can’t help but fall in love with.

Not only that, but vacant home staging helps considerably decrease the time it takes to sell properties in Fort Worth and Dallas because staged properties are much more appealing and generate more buyer interest online, where over 90% of people shop first when looking for a new home.

Home Staging Adds Value to Your Home with Buyers

Home staging is more than just making rooms beautiful; it’s about adding value to your home. When our team stages a property, we provide a wealth of recommendations to help our clients maximize their return on investment. From smart updates to room function and flow, we give you the advice you need to ensure your property is appealing and value-packed for buyers.

Home staging transforms this kitchen

After staging, this kitchen drew rave reviews & the property sold in record time.


Investing in home staging can do more than beautify your space; it can strategically enhance your home’s perceived value. According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), the average return on investment (ROI) for home staging is around 586%.

For home sellers, this means that for every dollar spent on staging, sellers can receive an average of $5.86 in return. In the context of Fort Worth home staging, this ROI highlights the economic benefits of staging your home.

In this context, staging your home makes economic sense if you want to attract the best possible offers for your property.

Staged Homes Get Higher Offers

Home staging can bring financial benefits beyond just a quick sale. When you stage your vacant home, you often receive higher offers, a testament to their enhanced appeal and perceived value. Nationally, according to RESA, staged homes sell for about $40k over the list price.

This impact is also being seen in the Fort Worth and Dallas real estate markets. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for homes that strike an emotional chord and present a turnkey solution. In one of my recent staging projects, the house we staged sold just 24 hours after being listed for sale. Our clients couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Staged Homes Sell the Lifestyle

Home staging in Fort Worth is more than just fluffing pillows; it’s about selling a lifestyle. By creating beautifully curated spaces, staging can make your property highly desirable to potential buyers by showcasing the ideal lifestyle. This emotional appeal is a powerful driver in real estate transactions, making staging an indispensable tool in the Fort Worth market.

Home staging helps sell the lifestyle!


When you stage your vacant home, you get a competitive edge in the real estate market. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that staging helps homebuyers visualize a home’s full potential by up to 80%. This advantage allows buyers who would otherwise struggle to imagine your home as their own.

So Many Reasons to Invest in Home Staging

If you live in Fort Worth or Dallas, there are many compelling reasons to stage your vacant home. The benefits are undeniable, from making your home more marketable to adding tangible value to the property, attracting higher offers, and selling the lifestyle buyers want.

If you’re looking for a home staging company to help you make your home the home buyers want to see, we’d love to help. Visit our services page or request a free quote to get started.

5 reasons to stage your vacant home

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