In a sellers’ market, a homeowner can prepare their house for an open house with the barest of preparations. But they would be leaving a huge sum of money on the table. However, if the owner has a professional stager, they can save a tonne of money and even make more money when they sell their house! You shouldn’t miss this, so put on your reading glasses because in this blog we are going to share some tips and tricks that some professionals should employ.

  1. Increase the number of offers received and increase on selling price

In the seller’s market, there are plenty of offers to choose from. In such a scenario, home staging adds value to the listing, meaning a higher asking price, and at the same time gives it an edge over others. A study on staged homes vs non stages homes shows an average of 7% increase in selling price. If you consider it in the hundreds of thousands, that’s a lot of money. 

2. Decreases a home listing’s days on market

 Although days on market are not a concern in the seller’s market, studies have shown that home staging can decrease the time it takes to sell a home by up to 50%. Compare it to the fact that sometimes houses can stay on the market for months! And usually, the longer the house stays on the market, the selling price goes down. 

3. Gives you a benefit against your competition

Picture two similar houses in the same locality with similar features. Let’s imagine that either of the houses is not staged, the buyer would be looking for a better offer from the seller. 

Now, let’s say that one house is staged, clean, attractive, and current with the times and trends or the almost identical house that is dirty, cluttered, and looks old-fashioned.

You might not notice it, but in current times, digital media has changed and shaped our minds in a certain way. We appreciate the clean, decluttered spaces that give us a sense of detachment.

Staging detached the previous owner from the staged home and gives the buyers breathing space to visualize themselves living in the home. 

4. Home staging makes it easier to market your home

Staging will help you get all the best pictures needed for the marketing materials. A professional photographer won’t have to brighten up and touch up the dingy and gloomy corners or rooms to make them look appealing to potential buyers. 

Especially if potential buyers are attracted to your home from just the pictures alone. The contrast alone will scare them away. 

The room will speak for itself in pictures. And in this world where everything is digitalized, home buyers start their search online, making good pictures consequential!

5. Home staging attracts more potential buyers. 

When the house looks good it sells really well, real estate agents can proudly market it on all different types of platforms.  It is easy to make a buzz about a home that is impressive looking and catches people’s eyes. It doesn’t just help sell the house, it also helps the agents get a higher closing rate. This way, the buyer, seller, and real estate agents, everyone is happy!

6. Home staging helps buyers visualize their new lifestyle

 The first thing you learn about the benefits of home staging is probably about the visualization potential of a staged home. Staging boosts the buyer’s ability to visualize their lifestyle in the home. The feeling of wanting to wake up in that room, or work in the kitchen of the staged house is stronger than you may imagine. 

For any and everything we buy, we imagine wearing it, using it, living with it and etc and that’s the same with buying houses. 

And if pictures and other personal items are displayed in your home, buyers would feel like they would be living in your home if they bought it. 

7. Staging gives the buyers a move-in ready feel. 

According to a consumer market survey of home buyers, above 60% of the buyers are willing to pay more for a move-in-ready home. Today’s buyers are looking for homes that don’t require a ton of work before moving in.

8. Gives the home a sense of more square footage. 

Room sizes are important to most buyers, clutter eats up space and makes the room feel smaller, cramped, and darker, and empty rooms make it almost impossible to imagine living in it. 

When rooms are cluttered, it puts the idea in the buyer’s mind that the house doesn’t have enough storage space. 

9. Less tiresome for buyers to Move in 

Moving can be really exhaustive, and tiresome, especially when the house the buyer is about to buy needs renovations, decluttering, and a hell lot of cleaning. However, when the house is staged, it goes under deep cleaning, and renovations, and gives the buyers a notion that the house is ready to move in, all it requires is to pack up their things, and boom they are in the house, without any cleaning hassles. 

10. Makes it easier to let your home go

When you go through the process of staging your home to get top dollar for it, you are essentially taking off your cozy homeowners hat and stepping into the world of financially savvy homeowners. In the weeks you are cleaning, decluttering, and de-personalizing your home to make it appealing to the masses, you are helping yourself move on at the same time.

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